1. have around 50 albums in my itunes library that i haven’t even checked out yet… so busy ><


  2. awww this tumblr pro thing is hilarious. At first, I was like: “why am watching this video that’s nothing but stock footage”, and then they’re like “activate tumblr pro” and I was like “wtf is tumblr pro” and then BOOM. tumblr pro life ain’t nothing to laugh at.


  3. psycho pass…


  4. OH MAN, okay so I did DS pvp in the brotherhood of blood arena, and for whatever reason I’m paired up with the same guy three times in a row. I slaughtered him all three times, but on the third time I parried him, and while he was on the ground I did the “no way” taunt, then backstabbed him as he got up. a few minutes later he sent me a message saying “i love you”.

    ahahaha… this community…

  5. couldn’t resist reblogging this, seeing as im a part of both of these fandoms…

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  6. how I feel when I invade two hex users…

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  8. oh wow, that looks great. i gotta make some fanart in the future, in my free time

  9. all the cool bosses from dark souls 2

    anyways, i’m almost done the game, admittedly ive been spending a lot of time invading people. that is when you forcefully intrude upon someone else’s game, and your goal is to kill them at whatever cost necessary. it’s actually a really cool feature of the souls games, but I never got to experience it cause people had pretty much abandoned the other two games by now.

    ANYWAYS, being a massive dick to people is hilarious, and i’ve got a few messages from other people telling me to go fuck myself, which is cool, cause that’s the whole point of invading: to piss people off. I always respond to their hatemail with an obligatory “git gud”; just to pretend that I’m actually good at this game.

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  10. ten(filler)songs

    akira (anamanguchi), love is an open door (frozen), i’d rather dance with you (kings of convenience), digital love (daft punk), wake up (arcade fire), simple and sure (pains of being pure at heart), wonder (eternal summers), rid of me (pj harvey), quiet things that no one ever knows (brand new), ny excuse- soulwax (” this is the excuse that we’re making! we’re making! is it good enough for what you pay? you pay?”)


  11. Anonymous asked: I read through your blog for a bit, you're such a hater ><

    nooooooooo I am not. In fact, my life is full of too many distractions due to how much shit I actually like. That’s why I feel the need to weed out the okay stuff from the good stuff and criticize it. 

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  12. ^LOL the most inappropriate caption for this image, it’s like people didn’t even watch the movie or something. 

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  13. saw the #banbossy campaign, a group that is trying to literally ban the word “bossy”. I thought it was a joke, but actors and celebrities like beyonce are in on it too….

    the intent of the movement is admirable, but the execution is laughable. yes, calling girls bossy can affect them in later life, but banning the word…? that’s crazy. after that, what’s stopping us from banning the words “fat” and “stupid”,etc. YES, these words are hurtful, but shouldn’t we be teaching the youth the weight of these words instead of banning them? i don’t think banning the word will lessen its effect on people. and how do we make sure this law is followed? I don’t think any word has been banned before, and the first word they want to ban is “bossy”? a very commonly used word? I think the law is going to go over most people’s heads. 

    once again, this idea is coming from a good place, and at the very least will promote feminism, but if they are serious about actually making a law to ban the word, I can think of a few more reasons this would be ineffective.


  14. watching willy wonka and the chocalate factory while I ds2. its age shows, but its still got a lot of charm, and gene wilder is the most hilarious a-hole ever.


  15. :D theres so much depth and amazing  shit in dark souls 2, oh god im in heaven~