1. ^x-men: days of future past

    I’ve never been a superhero fan, but this movie piqued my interest a bit. gonna watch x-men 2 as soon as possible. The way this movie wraps up all the threads was pretty amazing, though I wish we would’ve had a glimpse into Magneto’s fate. And Quicksilver’s slow-down scene is hands-down one of the best things I’ve seen this year. The aesthetic of the 70’s was captured quite well, and the Xavier’s inner conflict was surprisingly down-to-earth. Mystique’s story was a little bit weak, but I’ll take what I can get. i feel bad for the people who make DC movies, they should take a few notes from the Marvel Films.

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  2. itsstuckyinmyhead:

    Proof that Tumblr is filled with psychopaths 

    hahaha yes, i fucking love this type of humor.

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  3. ^andrew wk- i get wet

    great fucking album.

  4. ^exit through the gift shop

    I used to be really into street art. I’d go into bookstores and check out a few books on the subject matter, most notably Banksy’s. After watching this movie around a year ago, I don’t care much for it anymore. Exit through the gift shop is a documentary(?) by banksy, which details the rise of a street “artist” known as mr. brainfreeze. While it seems like a documentary about street art, it quickly becomes a piece on the validity of the art-form, and even art itself. I thought this was a particularly brave movie on banksy’s part, since it does bring into question whether his art is even worth anything. It’s all a giant slap to the face for anyone in the art community, and it’s free on Youtube, so there’s really no reason not to give it a look.

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  5. ^rick and morty

    I’m conflicted about how I feel about this show. Half way through season one I was ready to say it was the funniest cartoon I’d seen since gravity falls. While the last half is still good, it’s obvious they front ended the season with all the best stuff. Hopefully season two gets even better. anyways, the show is basically this parody of back to the future, if it was on acid. the show is really fucked up, but that’s what makes it good. the characters are very well defined, my favorite character being jerry, a hilarious pathetic loser. really good shit right here, definitely a welcomed surprise.

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  6. ^moon (2009)

    I was expecting some story about astronauts and space flights, but what I got was much darker and interesting. I won’t say much about the movie, and if you’d be interested in watching a movie like this, do yourself a favor and go into the movie blind. what I can say about the movie is that it is beautifully shot and minimalist. the latter is somewhat obvious, seeing as the director chose to simply name the movie “moon”. I stumbled across the director, duncan jones, after finding out that his father is THE david bowie, and clearly there’s something in the genes. the acting was amazing, and gerty (a robot) was a pleasant surprise. I was expecting a HAL, but once again, this movie threw another curve-ball. excellent, definitely recommended. 

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  7. ^doubt

    don’t mind the gif, the movie is in color. anyways, this movie is about a pastor who is suspected of having relations with a student of African descent. While there isn’t much to glean off of the first 30 minutes, things soon become difficult as lies and strange convictions surface, to the point where I began doubting everything that was going on. phillip seymour hoffman plays a fascinatingly likable, yet suspicious character. his character has so much charm, yet the movie leads you to believe he has perpetrated the crime for most of the movie. these are strong performances for strong characters, which is the main reason why the movie is good.

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  8. ^the invisible war

    I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries lately, because they are informative and I don’t have to stare at the screen all the time. after watching a documentary about police brutality, I figured the natural thing to do was watch a movie about sexual assault in the military…. and I pretty much spent the next two hours with my mouth open. the statistics and reality of the situation is astoundingly horrific, with tens of thousands of incidents of rape occurring each year. what’s even more horrifying is the way these women are treated afterwards. even when given evidence, most rape cases are swept under the rug. while the movie mostly focuses on women, they do shine the spotlight on men as well, where I was shocked to learn even more men are raped per year than women. there is something about being a part of the police force and the military that clearly cultivates predators within their ranks, or simply gives past offenders a better environment to work in. this was an eye opening documentary, definitely recommended.

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  9. ^trainspotting

    yet another one of those movies I should’ve watched but instead chose to read the plot synopsis years ago. well, I’ve watched it, and fuck do I regret spoiling it for myself. anyways, funny movie with great characters. the movie is essentially a character study of a heroin addict, who unsurprisingly, is written as an anti-hero of sorts. It’s hard to put into words how I feel about the character, considering what he does at the end of the movie, but for the most part of sympathize with him. the music is very 90’s and 80’s, though I loved it, even though I’m not big on music from those periods (i do like new order though, and their song should have been played longer and louder, in my opinion). the relationship is also somewhat dodgy, and the scottish accent went over my head, but I’m sure a few more rewatchs will fix that up. oh yeah, and the main lead also played a jedi in the star wars films a few years after this, so that’s a fun thing to think about. a gritty and honest movie, the best kind of movie in my opinion.

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  10. ^sword art online II

    this anime is really really bad. I could fill a book with reasons why this anime is bad. this anime makes me lose faith in anime in general. and people wonder why anime has a stigma around it….

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  11. shit, that’s cool

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  12. ^grand budapest hotel

    a great adventure, though I do have gripes. For one, I thought the first couple of minutes were quite boring; it wasn’t until Adrien Brody called Gustave a “fucking faggot” did I start to enjoy myself. the humor mostly comes from Gustave using crude vernacular, and from outrageous situations, so it definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. if you’re unfamiliar with wes anderson’s directing, watching this movie will be very disorienting. personally, I feel like the style worked better in “mr fantastic fox”; all these wide angle tracking shots kinda get boring after a while. I will probably watch this move again in the future, to try to get a better understanding of the theme, as I was far too absorbed by the plot to give a shit. anyways, with the exception of those still/tracking shots, there were some great direction (especially that museum chase scene) and the sets were beautiful and detailed. this movie is popular on tumblr, at least thats what I’m assuming, as I see a related post on my dash every day, so you may as well watch it so you know what’s going on. afterwards, watch “mr fantastic fox” and “the royal tenenbaums”,both of which are wes anderson films that I actually like better.

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  13. ^shawshank redemption

    another mother I can’t believe I hadn’t seen until recently. While I didn’t think the concept was still fresh around the 1:30 hour mark, for the most part the movie takes you in immediately, and the two hours go by quickly. While I don’t think it deserves it’s “greatest movie ever” status as designated by imbd, and it’s a little tame considering how dark it is in its first half, it’s still very thrilling. hopefully you haven’t been spoiled of this movie’s ending (pop culture loves to reference this, bastards >:D), but if you haven’t, you’ve probably already seen this movie

  14. ^bladerunner

    so freaaaaking intense, oh man I don’t even know what I just watched, but it feels damn near spiritual. I remember I was so bored by this movie four years ago, but for some reasons now it had me by the balls to the very end. I felt obligated to finish this legendary movie, no regrets at all.

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  15. ^ glengarry glen ross

    why yes, that IS  a young alec baldwin!

    anyways, got interested in watching movie adaptations of plays, and this one really struck me by the time it was over; it is fantastic. the dialogue, oh christ, the dialogue! the movie really shows you the stress of having a sales job, which I can relate to, at least to some extent. i worked sales for my tuition, and I know the heartbreak of losing a close sale, or having a sale declined because of the customer’s credit. and I know the amazing joy of getting a clutch sale, so seeing the gravity of the situation through the eyes of an adult who has a family to support was interesting. personally, I wouldn’t make it in the real estate sales world, all I’ve done is sell energy plans, which seems infinitely easier. i don’t think a sales person can make good money unless they mislead the customer, and yes, I did tell half-truths to many of the people I talked to. it’s just the reality of the profession, and you want to go back and make more sales because it is good money. 

    anyways, great fucking movie if you’re okay with swearing.

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