1. wow, how did I not catch this…?

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  2. ^muppets; most wanted

    I found this movie to be hilarious, which was surprising since I got bored of the first recent muppets movie, and most rottentomatoe critics were going on about how it was inferior to its predecessor.

  3. finally got around to watching how to train your dragon 2… and it was quite disappointing.

    Okay, obviously the animation was amazing, and the movie itself was well paced, but everything else was pretty “meh”. the story set-up was predictable, yet misleading at the same time. I mean, who didn’t see the death in the movie coming? it was so obvious, and so was the “twist” that the mother was alive. what was misleading was that the conversation between astrid and hiccup felt like there was going to be more development in their relationship, which did not happen. instead, focus was put on hiccup’s mom and stoic, which I felt was boring and not as heartfelt as the writer’s imagined it would be; it has no build-up, so the reveal is pretty weak. the mother herself is a very boring character; usually when they have these sorts of reveals, the missing person would have developed certain quirks due to their absence. If i were to describe her character, it would be that she was devoted to her family and her dragons, which is boring. what a waste of time this character was. also, the villain was disappointingly shallow as well. so what, you lose your arm and that’s why you want to conquer the world? there wasn’t enough screentime to establish his character. he’s an asshole, plain and simple. also, i didn’t find the movie particularly funny. the biggest running joke was the relationship between this really creepy girl and three other dudes. so yeah, more screentime devoted to four pointless side characters, yay. also, what is with animation movies making animals (in this case, a dragon) relatable by having them act like dogs? we get it, dogs are awesome, but it’s getting old. and what happened to the villain’s army? I assume they were ditched for an army of dragons, but what’s going to happen to them? they’re just going to forget about killing everyone? and where the hell did this second alpha dragon come from? everyone’s super shocked to see that another one exists, so I’m going to assume that there isn’t supposed to be another one? so what kind of twist is that? they don’t give us any answers about this dragon’s origins!

    all in all, a very predictable and shallow movie.

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  4. flight of the concords!

    got interested in this after learning that kristen schaal was in it…. great show about a charmingly weird indie band. it’s just… weird. and catchy. pretty good shit 

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  5. finished the original 2003 Fullmetal alchemist anime! I remember back when I was a kid this anime scared the shit out of me, and for good reason. I never finished it though, so i’m very happy to accomplish a childhood dream XD.

    anyways, i was expecting not to like it, but god damn this is so much better than the remake (full metal alchemist: brotherhood). it has a much creepier and consistent tone and atmosphere. I have mixed feelings about the ending, but at least it wasn’t some cliche “God fights everyone” scenario. so yeaaah a recommend from me, I was pleasently surprised.

    oh yeah, and this intro (ready, steady, go) is amazing. 11/10

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  6. rewatched neon genesis evangelion! still really good, with the exception of a couple of episodes in the first half. I didn’t even bother watching the last two episodes, skipped straight to EoE. 

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  7. just watched the lego movie, was not expecting to enjoy it honestly.

    anyways, this gets a recommend from me. it’s funny, fast-paced, has tons of cameos, and I guess it has an endearing… message? also, the animation is balls-to the walls amazing. like, pixar movies look good, but this movie has such a unique style and structure that it stands out.

    the only negative thing that immediately comes to mind is that the whole thing feels like a commercial, blatantly so. 

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  8. cowboy freaking bebop. only halfway done this but so far it’s oh so good.

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  9. seen above: young justice

    i’d never recommend this show to my friends, cause it’s a kids tv show, but enh, i like it. 

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  10. ten(gaaahfuckit)songs

    chandelier (sia), with all your eyes look (larry gus), tank (cowboy bebop), change (mikal cronin), mozart (mat zo), aruarian dance (nujabes), greater omaha (desparecidos), a christmas fucking miracle (run the jewels), fuck was i (jenny owens), every night my teeth are falling out (the antlers), trainwreck 1979 (death from above 1979), “do you”- spoon (do you want to be understood? do you want one thing or are you looking for sainthood? do you run when it’s just getting good? do you?)

    fuck, spoon’s new album is looking so solid right now.


  11. wow my last two weekends have been amazing, it’s actually gotten me depressed afterwards. going to the stampede, then watchin the hype-as-fuck smash evo tournament was amazing. sigh

  12. just finished watching cloud atlas… don’t know what i just watched, but it felt damn good.

    i guess that’s a recommend from me…?

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  13. wow season three of legend of korra is looking so much better than season 2… i dont even remember what happened in that season….

  14. just finished watching “ping pong: the animation”… i really enjoyed it, surprisingly… a breath of fresh air i needed in a suffocated genre. very short and deep and beautiful in the most casual way; i really love the style…. definitely a recommendation from me <3

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